Absinthe Pernod Fils "Garanti Fabriqué en 1913"

This is the classic "benchmark" Pernod Fils with the labels overprinted "Fabriqué en 1913"
(made in 1913). This is a very rare bottling - these bottles were the very last stock produced
by Pernod before the ban in 1914. They were sent to Holland for safekeeping and a small
quantity were released 25 years later for export in 1938 with this special overprinted label.
The balance of the stocks was unfortunately destroyed by bombing during the war. Photos
show the bottle still covered in the original cellar dust!
Scotch Whisky
The Water of Life
Irish Whiskey
Possibly the most important book ever to be published on the subject of whisky is Alfred Barnard's classic
"The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom". In the mid-80s of the 19th century, Barnard and several
companions undertook an extraordinary journey - utilising every mode of transport available at the time,
from steamer to horse drawn carriage, they traveled the length and width of the United Kingdom in order
to visit every whisky distillery they could. The commission for this journey came from Harper's Weekly
Gazette, who subsequently published Barnard's book in 1887.

Alfred Barnard began his journey in the spring of 1885 and ended his travels toward the end of the
following year having visited and chronicled an amazing 129 distilleries in Scotland, 28 in Ireland and four
in England. In reading his book, three things become evident. For one, Barnard openly loved the scenery
presented to him in his travels. Secondly his enthusiasm for whisky and the distilling industry and finally,
his interest and attention to the technical details of production. His historical and technical chronicles are
invaluable when looking at whisky making in the late 19th century.

To give you a flavour of the book, here is the introduction to his visit to the Ardbeg distillery:

RESUMING our journey in pursuit of Distilleries, we left the vast Whisky centre, Campbeltown, at the
early hour of six in the morning, bound for the port of Tarbert, to catch the boat to Islay. The air was
crisp and the first few hours of the long drive chilly, but the morning sun soon filled our hearts with
gladness, and we were nabled once aain to enjoy the delightful scenery through which we passed and
which has been described in a former chapter. Upon due arrival at West Tarbert we boarded the steamer
bound for Port Ellen, a journey occupying some hours, yet withal rendered pleasant by weather that was
all that could be desired. Tired and hungry after our long day we were glad to reach our destination, and
immediately on landing proceeded to the "White Hart Inn " where for several days we took up our
quarters, and found the accommodation excellent and the attendants obliging
. Read more.
Some previously sold bottles of vintage whisky:
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Laphroaig Special Selected 1898 - SOLD

Alex Ferguson & Co bottling.
Laphroaig 1899 - SOLD

Mackie & Co bottling.
Laphroaig 1903 - SOLD

Berry Bros & Rudd bottling.
Laphroaig 1903 - SOLD

Mackie & Co "Hollow of Proig" distillery bottling.
Laphroaig 1908 - SOLD

Berry Bros & Rudd bottling.
Lagavulin 1909 - SOLD

John Bisset & Co bottling.
Lagavulin 1909 - SOLD

John Bisset & Co bottling. Half bottle.
Bowmore 1890 - SOLD

W & J Mutters “For James” bottling. 1 liter and
70cl bottles.
Port Ellen 1891 - SOLD

Distillery bottling.
Talisker 1897 - SOLD

Distillery bottling.
Talisker Reserve 1899 - SOLD

John Ewing & Co bottling.
Talisker 1903 - SOLD

Matthew Gloag & Son bottling.
Longrow 1890 - SOLD

W. & J. Greenlees bottling.
Glenlivet Special Reserve 1900 - SOLD

Aged nine years old. J.G. Thomson & Co bottling.
Bankier Special Reserve 1903 - SOLD

James Mackie & Co bottling.
Glenside 1908 - SOLD

Grigor & Co bottling.
Ardbeg 1897 - SOLD

Alexander McDougall & Co bottling.
Highland Park Reserve 1902 - SOLD

Rarest Scotch whisky, more than a century old, bottled by Berry Bros.
An incredible early bottling of one of the aristocrats of single malts. By
virtue both of the their age and their quality, these are arguably the
most important bottles of Highland Park in existence. In the period
1900 – 1940, Berry Bros were the greatest wine merchant in the world,
supplying not only the British Royal Family, but all the crowned heads
of Europe, and most heads of state as well. Winston Churchill was a
longstanding customer. Because of their success and their clientele,
they had the absolute pick of the barrels when it came to their own
label bottlings like this, only the very finest casks were selected, and
the whiskies and cognacs bottled under their name in this era are
regarded as of absolutely incomparable quality. Identical bottles from
this same source were tested using radiocarbon dating techniques at
Oxford University, and were confirmed as dating from the era 1897-
1925 (as precise as this test can be). Copies of all the relevant
documentation will be provided to purchasers of these bottles.
Laphroaig 1887 - SOLD

John Anderson bottling.
Army and Navy Stores Whisky circa 1870-1880's - SOLD

The cellar tags say "Mid 19th century Army and Navy old Liqueur
Whisky". The bottles have lost their original labels. The black
glass, similar to old Madeira bottles, and likely date from
between the 1860's and the 1880's. The Army and Navy Stores
was a prestigious and famous firm in London, founded in 1872,
that supplied all types of goods to senior military officers, and
especially to the regimental messes of the British armed forces,
which were famous in this era for the very high quality of their
wines and spirits. One of the oldest surviving whiskies.
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The Star Blend Fine Old Highland Whisky circa 1880's - SOLD

Mouthblown bottle. Bottled before 1900 by J.T. Trotter.