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RUEVERTE is a German-based company operating in the field of absinthe, rare and ancient spirits, and
vintage wines. We have additional offices and subsidiary companies in both France and in the UK and
are proud co-owners of the historic Emile Pernot distillery in Pontarlier, one of only two French absinthe
distilleries surviving from the pre-ban era. We are proprietors of the Virtual Absinthe Museum, the centre
for historical research on absinthe.

Our Finest & Rarest division is the premier specialist and market leader in selling authentic bottles of
original 19th century spirits, including pre-phylloxera cognac, ancient whiskies, pre-1903 Chartreuse and
early Rhum Agricole. In 2010 we handled the sale of the oldest and most valuable cognac bottle in
existence, the unique 270 year-old Clos de Griffier 1738. Finest & Rarest also handles some of the rarest
and most romantic of all wines, including Madeira, Tokaji Essencia and Chateau Chalon from the
nineteenth and even eighteenth centuries.
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The Virtual Absinthe Museum
The Virtual Absinthe Museum: Our flagship
site, available in both an English and in a
French version -
Musée Virtuel de l'Absinthe.
The centre for research into the history,
literature and lore of absinthe, with
hundreds of original documents in PDF
format and a comprehensive photo-archive
of absinthe-related art and antiques. Online
absinthiana collectors forum. Webshop
selling antique absinthe items, replica
absinthiana, posters and books.
TOKAJI.com: A new
speciality site focusing on
the wines of Tokaji,
especially Tokaji Essencia.
Thanks to its oxidative
maturation, Tokaji is one of
the most long-living wines in
the world. Good qualities
can make it up to 200 years
and even more!
La Fee Verte - The largest and most comprehensive absinthe site on the web.
La Fee Verte Absinthe House:  The oldest,
largest, most quoted and most referenced
absinthe site on the internet, with the
busiest online forum. THE international
clearing house for absinthe information.
Chateau Chalon Online
Chateau Chalon Online : The first online site dedicated to
supplying the remarkable and little known Vin Jaune wines of
the Jura, including Château Chalon, the premier appelation.
Absinthes.com - Europe's #1 Absinthe
Vendor: Based out of our offices in Freiburg,
this is Europe's premier online absinthe
vendor, with an unequalled range of
absinthes across all price ranges. Also
exclusive to Absinthes.com is the
Absinthexplore sampling system, allowing
aficionados to try 50ml samples of many of
the best selling absinthes, at a  fraction of
the cost of a regular bottle.
Absinthe Originals: Our dedicated absinthe antiques and
absinthiana reseller. The widest range of authentic absinthe
spoons, glasses, carafes and fountains on sale anywhere, from
$20 to $20000 and upwards. Secure online ordering system.
Archive Spirits: Dedicated to
producing small runs of
meticulously hand-crafted
absinthes based on the very
earliest known recipes, usually
from unpublished manuscript
sources. Our first product,
Roquette 1797, is a complex
and unusual absinthe, based
directly on a late 18th century
manuscript recipe. It
represents the first serious
attempt in the modern era to
recreate an absinthe from the
very birth of La Fee Verte.
Absinthe Classics - Buy Doubs Premium Absinthe and the Jade range of Belle Epoque absinthes.
Absinthe Classics:
Brings you ONLY the
finest absinthes!
Absinthe Posters - Fine-art reproductions of the most famous and beautiful absinthe images.
reproductions of the greatest absinthe
images. The specialist giclee printing
process used here is far superior to
conventional ink jet printing - these
are simple the finest quality absinthe
prints available.
Thujone.Info: Accurate, authoritative
information about thujone, the controversial
active ingredient in absinthe, including
abstracts (and where possible full-text
versions) of all significant peer-reviewed
scientific papers on the subject.
Thujone.Info - Accurate, authoritative information about thujone and absinthe.
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