Absinthe Pernod Fils "Garanti Fabriqué en 1913"

This is the classic "benchmark" Pernod Fils with the labels overprinted "Fabriqué en 1913"
(made in 1913). This is a very rare bottling - these bottles were the very last stock produced
by Pernod before the ban in 1914. They were sent to Holland for safekeeping and a small
quantity were released 25 years later for export in 1938 with this special overprinted label.
The balance of the stocks was unfortunately destroyed by bombing during the war. Photos
show the bottle still covered in the original cellar dust!
Legendary Dessert Wines of France
Moulin Touchais, Coteaux du Layon & Puig Parahay, Vin Doux Naturel du Roussillon
The almost immortal sweet chenin blanc wines of Moulin Touchais and the little known but extraordinary
"rancio" wines of Puig Parahay, dating from the mid 19th century onwards.

Moulin Touchais. The Jewel of Anjou

On the banks of the river Layon in the beautiful Loire valley exists one of the world's largest and oldest
single wine stocks. Miles of underground cellars contain a rare collection dating back to the 1800's.
Remarkable bottles, - many over a century old - are occasionally uncorked and more often than not the
experience is incredible: for the wines are undiminished with the passing of the years - rather, they
possess a vitality and elegance that is completely unexpected. These are the sweet Chenin Blanc wines of
Moulin Touchais. Since 1787, the Moulin Touchais cellars together with the surrounding vineyards have
been owned and managed by eight generations of the Touchais family. The vineyards are amongst the
most famous in the Anjou area, lying in the heart of the The methods of viticulture and vinification have
changed little over the years and are still based on the traditional values of low-yields, careful harvesting
and meticulous winemaking; particularly during pressing and the long fermentation period. The grapes are
hand-picked in several stages. In fact  one of the secrets of Moulin Touchais' longevity and complexity is
this harvesting strategy: 20% of the grapes are picked around 80 days after flowering while the fruit is
still under-ripe and loaded with acidity, the other 80% is harvested late (as late as one hundred and twenty
days after flowering) generally yielding fruit with very high sugar levels and concentrated flavours. High
acidity and high sugar levels ultimately determine Moulin Touchais' opulent style: smooth and elegant.
Only the healthiest grapes are chosen; the pips are removed and the must is clarified by decanting before
beginning the slow fermentation process which is spread over several weeks. The wine is bottled early;
between the end of February and early March following the harvest.

Only the best vintages will leave the cellars under the Moulin Touchais name after a minimum of ten years
cellarage - a good Anjou will only begin to indicate its qualities after a decade. The Chenin Blanc grape,
brought to an overripe stage but generally unaffected by noble rot due to the geographic situation of the
area gives Moulin Touchais its outstanding freshness and typically fine, beautifully balanced acidity which
lingers on the lips and on the palate.

The wines of Moulin Touchais begin reaching their peak after twenty years, although many of the great vintages take much
longer. Great vintages such as the 1953, 1959, 1964, 1969 are still maturing. The 1945, 1947 and 1949 have become classics.

Moulin Touchais are the only winemakers in the world who give a CENTURY LONG GUARANTEE ON THE LONGEVITY OF THEIR
WINES (subject to being kept under optimal cellar conditions). Bottles may show some sediment or deposit. One should
understand this is due to the traditional filtration process, the main aim being to protect the colour, the bouquet and the depth
of flavour of the wine.

Moulin Touchais "Réserve du Fondateur" 1959

A stunning example of an aged Moulin Touchais and, remarkably, probably not yet at its peak. 1959 was arguably the greatest
vintage in the Loire of the last 50 years. These wines are an international treasure, and clearly demonstrate the power and
longevity of the Chenin Blanc-based dessert wines of the Loire. Brilliant orange gold colour. Intense nose, with pronounced
oloroso, butterscotch and spice scents. Totally mouth-filling - a powerhouse of oloroso, orange rind, honey, toffee, apple, spice
and lemon. There  appears no sign of middle age here, this is a very athletic wine. Very youthful  crisp finish, not at all cloying.
Exceptionally long aftertaste of honeycomb, toffee, lemon and spice. A wine of great length and persistence. There is no doubt
that, like other great Moulin Touchais vintages, this wine will last for a century or more.

Alc/Vol: 13.5%
Rating: 100/100

We have a small parcel of this extraordinary 50 year old wine, perfectly stored and of impeccable provenance. All bottles are in
excellent condition, with very good levels.

We guarantee safe arrival of all bottles, and will replace or refund any bottle lost in transit
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